Cenotes you should visit in Tulum

Natural cenotes are one of the main reasons why people visit Quintana Roo. These natural wonders were considered sacred to the Maya and Tulum has one of the largest cave systems in the world, since it has 347 kilometers.

This means that in Tulum there are a lot of cenotes, 226 to be exact. Although not all are open to the public. Here we make some recommendations of the best cenotes in Tulum so you can marvel.

1. Cenote Dos Ojos

This cenote is located between Tulum and Playa del Carmen, is one of the most beautiful cenotes in the entire Riviera Maya due to its crystalline blue waters, rock formations and has fewer tourists than other better known. 

They also have bathrooms, showers and changing tables. You can even rent a locker. For snorkel lovers, here you can do it with an extra cost at the entrance. There are also two restaurants outside the place, there are green areas for eating, if you want to bring your own food. 

2. Manatee Cenote or Cenote House

It is called that because the manatees used to inhabit this region. This cenote is connected to a system of underwater caves that flow into the sea. Because fresh water and salt water are combined here, you can see fish of both types of water.

The calm waters of this cenote make it perfect for snorkeling, swimming freely or diving, especially for those who are learning. It is currently visited by more people, so we recommend you arrive early so you can appreciate its beauty.

3. Skull Cenote

The cenote skull is very close to the town and the ruins of Tulum. The cenote is inside the jungle so you will have to park your car and walk to reach it. It is a semi-open cenote and you can access the water through a staircase.

The water is cold and crystal clear but you can swim without problem. This cenote is one of the best for people who practice diving since it has an accreditation course in caves. There is no restaurant here so you can bring water and food. 

To take into account

  • The price of the cenotes varies between $100 and $365 pesos.
  • Do not use body creams, sunscreens, or repellents before entering the cenotes since you can severely damage the flora and fauna of the place.
  • It is important that you consult before hiring a tour or do some aquatic activity what specifications they have to do it safely.
  • Many close before 5 in the afternoon, but remember that if you want to enjoy the place without so many people, it is recommended that you arrive as early as possible.